About Wings Above the Arctic

WINGS ABOVE THE ARCTIC is the first comprehensive photographic history of Arctic aviation from 1926 to present. Author Bruce McAllister has interviewed many veteran Arctic pilots, some in their 90s, and gathered hundreds of photographs from around the world. This is McAllister’s second aviation book. In 2001 he co-authored WINGS OVER THE ALASKA HIGHWAY, another photographic history.

In WINGS ABOVE THE ARCTIC there are chapters on Canadian, Russian, and U.S. pilots who have accomplished extraordinary flying feats in the Arctic. And there is even a chapter on those select pilots who have successfully flown over the North Pole. Other chapters highlight Greenland’s key role in World War II, the DEW line, Alaska’s oil strike, the Lindberghs’ two pioneering flights through the Arctic, a Canadian pilot’s 58 day survival ordeal, and a collection of unusual Arctic aerial photographs.

ISBN# 0-9638817-8-7, 240 pages, 228 photos / illustrations, 8 1/2" X 11" oblong.


"WINGS ABOVE THE ARCTIC is a collection of truly fascinating stories about Arctic aviation and the bold pilots (US, Canadian, Russian) who made history, prevailing against formidable odds. Best of all are the stunning photos of these men and women and their aircraft in remote, inhospitable locations. Anyone interested in aviation, exploration and the Arctic will delight in this book by Bruce McAllister."
Lowell Thomas, Jr., pilot/instructor USAF(World War II), author, lecturer, Alaska Lt. Governor 1974-78, producer High Adventure shows for CBS, owner/pilot Talkeetna Air Taxi 1980-88.

"...McAllister’s fascinating collection of both archival works and his own splendid photography makes this (Arctic) vivid, as do the tales he tells of pilots who flew not just the North American Arctic, but Europe’s and Asia’s as well."
Stephan Wilkinson, Board of Contributors, AIR & SPACE SMITHSONIAN.