About Wings Across America

A Photographic History of the U.S. Air Mail is a comprehensive photographic history of the pioneer air mail pilots who braved bad weather, under-powered aircraft, impossible schedules as they pushed themselves to the limit, expanding air mail routes across the U.S.A.

With time, the U.S. Air Mail Service developed a system of beacon lights, emergency fields, and communications so that the air mail pilots could fly through the night to their destination. As trunk lines developed north and south off the main transcontinental route between New York and San Francisco, the need for bigger and faster aircraft that could carry both passengers and freight. Wings Across America takes the reader on a photographic journey through this critical phase of our nation’s aviation growth–ultimately these air mail carriers became our airlines.

228 Pages, 192 Photographs
ISBN 0-9638817-9-5 $ 39.95 US>


Wings Across America is an excellent, stirring account—well written and beautifully illustrated of the romance of America’s air mail service. It fully captures the amazing courage and skill of the pilots who carried the mail in bad weather, dangerous flight conditions and with the most primitive navigation and communication equipment. Death claimed thirty of these pioneering pilots and it rode in the cockpit on nearly every flight—especially those at night in stormy weather.
— George S. McGovern, World War II B-24 pilot who flew 35 combat missions over Europe and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He also was a twenty two-year congressman and the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee.