About Wings Over The Alaska Highway

WINGS OVER THE ALASKA HIGHWAY features color photographs of airports and airstrips along the Alaska highway with major color photography by Bruce McAllister, a US freelance magazine photographer, and text by Peter Corley- Smith, a Canadian aviation writer with 4 books to his credit. Both authors are high time pilots and Corley-Smith flew for the RAF (SOE) in World War II and as a helicopter pilot in the Arctic. A must for any pilot who has flown, or dreams about flying the Alaska Highway, this book uncovers unusual stories about each airport, from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks, and covers the Russian Lendlease. There is a chapter on the B-26 bombers that crash landed in the Million Dollar Valley in World War II, including exclusive photos of a survivor and his rebuilt bomber.

ISBN #0-9638817-7-9, Library of Congress Control Number 2001087894, 8 1/2" X 11 oblong. 208 Pages, 200 Color and B&W photos. Published and distributed in the US by Roundup Press, P.O. Box 109, Boulder, CO 80306-0109, (303) 444-9484.


"Combine all the guts and glory of bush flying, the lure of some of the harshest yet most beautiful land on the planet and a colossal construction project that makes the Pyramids look like Lego play. Add the spice of a forgotten corner of World War II history and the leavening of spectacular contemporary photography as well as carefully recovered historic shots you’ve never seen, and you have WINGS OVER THE ALASKA HIGHWAY, a remarkable addition to the grand history of aviation in North America."
Stephan Wilkinson, Board of Contributors, Air & Space Smithsonian and former Executive Editor, Flying.

"Bruce McAllister and Peter Corley-Smith have captured the real essence of what aviation is all about. These heart stopping adventures in the Far North are made all the more real, thanks to the extraordinary photography that accompanies the text. WINGS OVER THE ALASKA HIGHWAY is a vital addition to our understanding of both World War II aviation and living on the edge which still typifies flight on the Northern Frontier."
Brigadier General Philip D. Caine USAF(Ret) is a pilot and former history professor. While Deputy Commandant of Cadets at the US Air Force Academy, he coordinated SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) training. He is also author of several aviation books.

"WINGS OVER THE ALAKA HIGHWAY brings back the difficult, exciting days of early bush flying, spotlights man's ongoing battle with nature, recalls the sacrifices made by young military aviators, and shows how contemporary pilots use the highway even today. The mixture of long-ago pictures and contemporary photos brings a "you-are-there" immediacy to this eloquent reminder that many of the comforts we know today were purchased by the sacrifices of those who went before us. It's a fine salute to some long-forgotten pioneers...and an entertaining addition to any aviator's library."
Bob Merrick, book reviewer for CANADIAN FLIGHT, is a retired RCAF fighter-navigator, and retiree from the Aviation Safety Programs branch of Transport Canada.