About Vagabonds of the Sky

Vagabonds of The Sky: A Photographic History of America's Barnstorming Pilots & Daredevils

In Vagabonds of TheSky author Bruce McAllister recounts fascinating and sometimes incredible stories about the ups and downs of America's barnstorming pilots and daredevils. For this book, he interviewed some surviving barnstormers and had exclusive access to their stories and photographs. 148 color and historical B&W photographs capture the drama and the excitement of pre and post World War I barnstorming.

One of the barnstorming pilots featured in this new title, Colorado barnstormer Jack Greiner, summed up best what barnstorming is all about. "I don't knowöit's different; the wind, noise and smell·old biplanes smell different than other airplanes, you know. It's the fabric and dope. And they sound different too. The wind in the wires, especially when the power is shut off. It's just different·there is nothing else like flying an open airplane with two wings·especially when she is big and red and beautiful.

160 pages, 148 photos, $29.95
ISBN 0-9638817-0-1